What is RVML? The Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library (RVML) is a not-for-profit lending library providing easy access to books, videos, and audiocassette programs on a variety of metaphysical and paranormal subjects. In addition to the library functions, RVML also organizes special events and lectures including a weekly discussion group and video/lecture series. Funded by memberships, grants, and donations; the library serves the communities of Southern Oregon and Northern California.

Purpose: It is the library’s philosophy that our ability to discern truth is enhanced by exposure to a broader perspective on the human experience. As we integrate new truths into our awareness, the expansion of knowledge in the collective mind advances the evolution of human consciousness.
Library Resources: The lending library consists of over 2000 books, 300+ audiobooks, and 700+ videotapes on a variety of metaphysical and paranormal subjects including: spirituality, remote viewing, consciousness studies, prophecy, unexplained phenomena, UFOs, personal development, meditation, etc. In addition to the electronically searchable collection, patrons can use the high-speed internet terminals, the audio/visual stations, and the reading/study area. For meetings and events, RVML has a large meeting room and video projector, with seating for 75 people (handicapped accessible).
Community Events: RVML organizes a bi-weekly discussion group and a bi-weekly video/lecture series on alternating Tuesday nights (free admission). In addition to the Tuesday events, RVML also hosts weekly workshops, lectures, and meetings presented by other local groups. RVML also presents lectures and events periodically at other venues to accommodate larger audiences.

Location and Hours: RVML is located at 258 A Street #2 Ashland, Oregon 97520 (directly across from Ace Hardware, near Ashland Food Cooperative.) The library is open every day 2-6pm and Saturdays 10am-6pm. Please visit our website http://www.rvml.org or call (541) 552-9119 for more information.

RVMLs director, Jordan Pease said: We are very pleased with the support and interest we have received from the community. Im extremely grateful to all of our outstanding volunteers who have given so generously of their time and talents. We’re really blessed to have so many exceptional people contributing to the library. Without their dedication and hard work, this endeavor would never have been possible.

Pease elaborated about the library automation system: Our computer software and cataloging system is working very well. All the books are shelved using the Dewey Decimal system, and each item is bar-coded. Just like a real library! This facilitates easy inventory management and a quick check-out process. We are continually adding to our collection, and hope to expand our shelf space again as soon as we attract some more funding. Right now we have more books than can fit into the library, and because the videotapes are the most popular, we’re just storing the extra books to make room for all the videotapes.”

Pease added: We’ve had about a year to grow the collection and fine-tune our operation. Were finally ready to serve the community on a broader scale and we invite everyone to explore and enjoy the resource that we have created. We’re also grateful to our neighbors at Nuwandart Gallery, who have been extremely cooperative with sharing their gallery space for our meetings.”


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