We are looking for eclectic, unique and dedicated activists to join a Progressive Softball Team for summer league play. We are looking for Players, Sponsors and Team Volunteers.

This team is open to the poor, homeless and marginalized citizens, as well as community activists. Low or no income wont keep you off this team. We want to make this group as cohesive and empowered as we can. The goal of is to then challenge the city leaders to meet us on the field of honor.

This league will provide an opportunity to network with activists and address the issues facing Ashland’s community. Spend some afternoons in the park and help your favorite causes at the same time.

The game schedule will primarily depend on the number of players and which league we play. We will organize practices and skills sharing workshops as well as community meals and events.

Mens League – League play begins towards the end of May and runs through the middle of August. Games are played on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at the Southern Oregon University softball fields. Scorekeepers and umpires are provided for all divisions of play and team standings will be kept.

Co-Ed League – League play begins in early June and runs through late August. Games are played on Sunday afternoons and evenings. This league is designed for fun and exercise with no paid umpires or scorekeepers. Games will be played at either the Hunter Park fields or North Mountain Park fields.

Time is short so if anyone is interested please let us know ASAP. If it looks like enough people are interested we will begin a fundraiser and recruitment drive April 1st.

Send an email with your contact info to: lowdown@roguecity.com
Or call 482-4631 and leave a message on how we can contact you.

Hope to hear from you soon,


“when you wake up in the morning you have to be proud,
you know I mean, you have to be a sufferer saying himself ‘feeling all right’…”
~ Bob Marley 1976


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