Fox 26 Introduces Primetime News Program

KMVU Fox 26 is joining forces with another local station, KOBI NBC 5, to produce the valley’s first 10 pm newscast. The 35 minute program will be staged at KOBI with set modifications and graphic changes that will set it apart from KOBI’s standing news programs.

KMVU will also have its own news anchor but will share weather and sports announcers. The stories will be formatted differently and will allow for newscast individuality.

The station partnership is the brainwork of KMVU and KOBI’s general managers, Cary Jones and Bob Wise respectively. Together they created a venture that will bring marketable substance to both stations.

“This is something that’s been on my mind for two years,” comments Jones. “We’re going to offer a news program at 10 o’clock. We’re also going to be able to sell inventory in the marketplace and add another dimension of localism to this station.”

Both managers were previously associated with other stations that underwent similar joint ventures.

“It will be challenging, but not that difficult to do another one well,” offers Wise. “Implementation is the hardest part of creating a full news block. Once you get going, you’re working with broadcasters who love what they’re doing.”

So with the partnership in action, tune in Monday, March 20, at 10pm for the premiere of KMVU’s local newscast. It’s the “First at Ten.”


2 responses to “Fox 26 Introduces Primetime News Program

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