Is Immigration the New Civil Rights Movement?

The convulsing debate this week in the Senate over immigration is almost entirely a Southern affair, as in securing the Southern border and slowing the stream of undocumented aliens from Mexico and Latin America.
But lawmakers from Washington state, along with farm and assorted business interests in the state, said Monday that the outcome will have direct and lasting effect in Washington. The issue, they say, is ensuring a reliable supply of able and affordable workers for jobs that most Americans don't want. (03/28/06) Seattle P-I


Immigration debate reaches deep into Northwest (03/28/06) Seattle P-I

Is Congress ignoring the families of immigrants? (03/25/06) Tri-City Herald
500,000 Pack Streets to Protest Immigration Bills (03/26/06) Los Angeles Times
Thousands march in Napa Valley (03/27/06) Santa Rosa Press Democrat
Farmworkers need pesticide notices proposed in bill (03/27/06) Idaho Statesman
Republican Split on Immigration Reflects Nation's Struggle (03/29/06) New York Times
Old civil-rights groups avoid debate on immigration (03/29/06) San Francisco Chronicle
New Immigrants Teach an Old Lesson (03/29/06) Washington Post
Several hundred Pasco students protest bill (03/30/06) Tri-City Herald
Student unrest continues in Eastern Washington (03/31/06) Tri-City Herald\u003dpopulation


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