Newspaper Publishers Prepare Portable Electronic Devices

The newspapers of the future–we've been down this road before–will they simply be news Web sites, or will they be downloadable pdf files sent to our inboxes? Some newspaper publishers are planning to introduce a form of electronic newspaper that allows users to download entire editions from the Web onto little handheld devices with reflective digital screens that–in theory–will be easier on users' eyes than laptop and cell displays. Hearst Corp., France-based "Les Echos," and Belgium's "De Tijd" are planning a large-scale rollout of these readers this year. Book publishers once tried to sell similar digital readers, but these failed due to high prices and a lack of downloadable content. This looks set to fail too; I can't imagine that the future of mobile content is anything but the cell phone. Consumers don't have to carry around an iPod, a cell phone, a digital reader, and a PSP all at once. These things ultimately have to converge into one device. Publishers are wasting their time by getting into the technology game–especially because there's a precedent for this, and it didn't work. – Read the whole story…


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