WSJ To Sell Front Page Ads

The Wall Street Journal will soon be selling ads into one of the most hallowed spaces in journalism –its front page, reports The New York Times. And the move, likely to start in September, could bring parent Dow Jones tens of millions in ad revenue a year. “The Wall Street Journal will provide the most valuable opportunity anywhere in any medium for advertisers who want to reach a large, affluent and influential audience,” says Journal Publisher L. Gordon Crovitz. The ad, which he calls a “jewel box,” will be square–although its dimensions are unknown. Sagging circulation and ad revenue are forcing publishers to reconsider ways to make money. The Times itself just began selling space on the front of its business section. Says Bob Steele, who specializes in ethics and values at the Poynter Institute: “Gannett has changed this equation considerably in the last few years with section-front and front-page ads. Now the Internet has presented a whole new tabletop. The question becomes: how do newspapers protect their journalistic integrity at the same time they develop new revenue streams?” – Read the whole story…


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