Teens’ Web Use And Shopping Habits

An overwhelming majority of young adults–86 percent–between the ages of 18-21 have shopped online, according to new research from Forrester. As for teens under 18, many of whom do not have access to credit cards, 52 percent say they have shopped online. The younger set have less than half of what older brothers and sisters have to spend each on the Web: older teens’ spending amounts to $193 per month, while younger teens have $76. Older teens are also more familiar with the Web. They spend an average of 15 hours or more online each week and have been using the Internet for an average of 7 years; 87 percent go online weekly. Meanwhile, the vast majority of online teens have access to broadband: 86 percent of younger teens and 90 percent of older teens. What do they buy? DVDs, software, hardware, tickets, books and music–not clothes, accessories, or shoes, interestingly enough. – Read the whole story…


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