Are Newspapers on The Way Out?

TIME Magazine posted a very interesting article about how blogs are effecting newspapers. I disagree with their conclusion, but believe they raise some excellent points in the article:

“I’m not sure what that new form will look like. But it might resemble the better British papers today (such as the one I work for, the Guardian). The Brits have never bought into the American separation of reporting and opinion. They assume that an intelligent person, paid to learn about some subject, will naturally develop views about it. And they consider it more truthful to express those views than to suppress them in the name of objectivity.”

TIME raises the very important point about blogger credibility. What many bloggers do not realize is that once you post something that is not true, most will unsubscribe, while others will question everything that you write. I think that credibility will become something that bloggers have to earn.  Personally I am looking forward to the day that bloggers are held accountable for their comments.


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