Next Trend in Blogging: Privacy

The next big trend in blogging, and perhaps the next big trend in communications services, is what you allow people to see. The online platform for big mouths and know-it-alls is now taking a turn to focus on private conversations.

Just yesterday, Six Apart Ltd., a supplier of software used to publish blogs, unveiled a new blog-writing tool called Vox, that allows bloggers to publish personal text, photos, audio or video–and control who has access to viewing it. “Not everything has to be published for public consumption,” said Mena Trott, co-founder of Six Apart.

Vox blogs have five levels of privacy settings that can be placed on each item a user publishes. Users can also control who has access to comments. It’s like email or instant messaging; you can secure private conversations with friends. To be sure, the app is aimed at an older audience–those with a need to publish sensitive content to certain groups such as business colleagues and loved ones. – Read the whole story…


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