Teens Big Consumers Of Media, Technology

CNET News.com
In its latest study about how teens use media and technology, teen research specialist the Harrison Group reports that Americans 13 to 18 more than 72 hours per week using electronic media, which includes the Internet, cell phones, television, music and video games. Aside from sleeping, that doesn’t leave too many free hours, but teens are also big multitaskers, sometimes using as many as three or four devices at once.

“This generation is unique,” says Jim Taylor, the research group’s vice president. For the study, the Harrison Group surveyed 1,000 Americans between 13 and 18 on their daily media and spending habits. The study estimates that teenagers spend about $195 billion annually on everything from clothes to eating out to new devices. In 2006, one- third of teens reported having an iPod, compared with 1% in 2003. More than half also said they had a PlayStation 2, while one-third said they had an Xbox. Three-quarters said they play video games on a regular basis.

Other highlights from the study: teens’ love of music is second only to their love of family and friends. They spend roughly two to three hours per day downloading or listening to music online, and 41% are unconcerned with the ramifications of illegal file-sharing. An astonishing 68% have profiles on social networks, like MySpace and Facebook. Also, the average teen chats with more than 35 people via IM for a total of three hours a week. – Read the whole story…


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