“Today with the Internet, people can organize very quickly and get lots of people to demonstrate..” ~ Donald Rumsfeld


These are dynamic times for those in the mainstream media. New technology is changing the way people traditionally use and receive their news. As expanding digital technologies redirect advertising dollars away from traditional media and to the Internet, media planners fear an economic downturn regarding media spending next year. Traditional media such as TV, radio and newspapers are forced to develop new strategies and identify new opportunities.

The Internet offers a powerful tool for communicating and coordinating action. It is inexpensive to use and increasingly pervasive, with over a half a billion people worldwide now have Internet access. Groups of any size can reach each other and use the Net to promote an agenda. Their members can come from any geographical region, and they can influence foreign policy anywhere in the world.

What About Alternative Media? User-generated content is king – User-generated Content drives the fastest growing web brands. There is more and more content online everyday, the networks and the portals can’t possibly keep up. The internet and digital publishing technologies have given them the tools to create, remix, and share content on a scale that had previously only been accessible to the professional gatekeepers of broadcast, print, and recorded media outlets. The consumers are creating some of the best content online! more than 100,000 new clips per day across the primary video sites–and much of this content can be sponsored by advertisers. Advertisers who take advantage of this new vehicle will benefit from being that much closer to the consumer.

Social Networks

Twitter – User: roguecity

Groups that represent a diverse range of interests and priorities, but share a common vision to empower people, foster social justice, protect wildlife environments, and work to create sustainable communities.

Alternative Media

Rogue IMC http://www.rogueimc.org Rogue IMC provides an infrastructure for individuals interested in alternative media (including print, video, radio, and web) working with other members of the IMC to produce meaningful stories, stories relevant to our communities within this region. We hope to provide information technology resources with education on the use of these resources for effective communication and dissemination of information, both within and between our communities.

Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library
RVML is a volunteer-operated organization providing easy access to a variety of metaphysical, spiritual, and paranormal subjects. In addition to our lending library, RVML also organizes meetings and events including our free Video & Lecture Series. Contact: Jordan Pease http://www.rvml.org

Ashland Community Action: Take action for Ashland and spread the word!ACA listserve provides a place for the the sharing of information and ideas about creating and maintaining this alternate vision. It is intended to facilitate connections between Ashland’s active advocates of sustainable community while providing a means for people wishing to be more involved to receive important announcements and postings regarding city politics, watershed issues, and various community projects and activities, like promoting bicycle transportation or organizing cooperative housing. http://lists.riseup.net/www/info/ashland-community-action

KSKQ 94.9 Low Power FM We are a community owned and operated radio station with a license to build from the FCC. We are members of many local community groups with varied interests who volunteer our time to build this valuable community resource for the greater health of the Rogue Valley. http://www.kskq.org

Rogue Valley Community Access TV
RVTV is the local Public Access television, which the cable companies are compelled by law to provide in exchange for market access. Both Charter and AFN carry the feeds. 1250 Siskiyou Blvd Ashland, OR 97520 ph: 541-552-RVTV fax: 541-552-6628 e-mail: rvtv@sou.edu www.roguetv.org

RVTV Community Producers Class RVTV offers training in both Jackson & Josephine counties. You can learn all about how to produce your own shows in 10 weeks and get your shows played on local gable TV. After completing the classes you can access equipment and book studio and edit-bay time.

Rogue Valley Community Access TV RVTV Offers Training in Both Jackson & Josephine Counties www.roguetv.org www.roguetv.org/Calendar.asp


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