Web 2.0


As media companies continue to merge and grow, the news gets further and further away from ordinary lives and concerns. Independent, community-owned media becomes critical because they can cover issues in depth, shedding light on them until they are resolved. Neighborhoods without their own media resources have little access to local news and information. The local mass media does not provide a space where all viewpoints can be discussed.

“If anyone said we were in the radio business, it wouldn’t be someone from our company.
We’re not in the business of providing news and information. We’re not in the business of
providing well-researched music. We’re simply in the business of selling our customers products.”
~ Lowry Mays, CEO, Clear Channel (1200 stations)

Independent and alternative media production is critical to the overall community economic development since much of community development depends upon information sharing and communication. Independent media outlets are now demonstrating greater innovation, quality and ethics than the corporate media giants. As Joseph Pulitzer’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch no longer sets the standards for American journalism, the Pulitzer Prize Board now give awards for online content.

  1. Hyper-Local News: The future of independent news is very much in the hands of smaller, faster and independent agencies or journalists, who can validate or feed news items independently of the major media conglomerates. The shift from large major commercial corporate players to smaller independent and more dynamic competitors capable of bringing to market more flexible, effective, usable and lower cost solutions.
  2. Decentralized Infrastructure: Extending the information revolution is predicated not merely on providing affordable, equitable and utilizable access to technology and knowledge. It also involves the support, development and sustainability of infrastructure. Too often information, knowledge, expertise and technology are concentrated among developers or early adopters who have the financial means and people resources to access and use them. To gain the economic and social benefits it is necessary to provide technical assistance for under-served communities.
  3. User-Generated Content: It is the creation of quality content that drives growth. Real sustainable economic growth and security will come from expanding the information revolution to all parts of society. Our community must be preparing the future workforce for careers and jobs that don’t exist yet. In today’s global environment, information assets are the new lifeblood of the economy.

User-Generated Content Drives Half of Top Fastest Growing Web Brands.
Users are creating some of the best content online! Content that can be sponsored. Advertisers who take advantage of this new vehicle will benefit from being that much closer to the consumer. Newspaper Web sites need massive audience and ad impression scale. They will need to be twenty times bigger in three years than they are today. They cannot get this growth through newsroom content alone; not by far. As Fast Company noted, newspapers need to be the place where everything local is posted, shared, discussed, criticized, or mashed up. That means lots and lots of user content and very little “publisher control.” That is what made MySpace and YouTube. That is the reality, and it must be faced.


  • Gabbr.com
    Community based social networking news site.
  • Spotback
    Personalized news site that tracks news preferences in order to deliver tailored views to each user.
  • memeorandum
    Auto generates news every five minutes from a wide variety of sources.
  • CrispyNews
    Web based application that allows users to create their own “Digg Style” community news site.
  • Wikinews
    A news wiki brought to you from the folks at Wikipedia.
  • Popurls.com
    Web link aggregation site that features links from popular news sources, plus images from Flickr and videos from YouTube.
  • Newsvine
    Interactive news site that combines stories from traditional and non-traditional media outlets.


  • PodShow
    Podcasting pioneer Adam Curry’s podcast directory / social network for podcast enthusiasts.
  • Blubrry
    Blubrry is a community for podcast producers and subscribers that integrates many features of traditional social networks.
  • ZapZap
    Podcast directory that uses a Digg style ranking system to highlight popular audio and video podcasts.
  • WildVoice
    Free hosting for podcasts, blogs, photos and friends.
  • WinPodder
    Free podcatching application for Windows PCS that supports audio, video, photo and plain text RSS feeds.
  • VoiceIndigo
    Podcast directory / subscription service that delivers podcast content to mobile phones.
  • ClickCaster
    Podcast directory and hosting service.
  • Podbop
    Service that allows users to get audio podcast feeds of songs from bands playing in a selected local area.
  • Evoca
    Create, organize, search and share audio with this service. Also records Skype phone calls for a $5 monthly fee.
  • podOmatic
    Podcast creation and distribution portal.
  • AudioBlog
    Commercial multimedia publishing platform that supports both audio and video podcasting. Integrates with major blog platforms and allows for publishing via upload, online recording or phone.
  • LibSyn
    Create, manage and host podcast content via this low cost and easy to use service.
  • LoudBlog
    Free podcast management application that you host on your own web server.
  • PodServe
    A web based tool that allows users to easily create public and “social” podcast channels.
  • Big Contact
    Find, publish or share audio and video content on this social podcast publishing site.
  • Odeo
    Audio driven social networking site. Allows users to publish, subscribe, share and comment on audio podcasts.


  • Textpattern
    Free, web based content management system that can be utilized to create a blog hosted on your own server.
  • TravBuddy
    Community site that provides free blogs with tools for creating and managing a travel blog.
  • LiveJournal
    Easy to use web based blogging application.
  • CoComment
    Blog comment integration service that helps users to more easily track and share comments and responses.
  • WordPress.com
    Completely web based version of the WordPress blog management application.
  • WordPress
    Free, open source pubishing application that users host on their own server. Highly suitable for both blogging and podcasting.
  • Typepad
    Commercial, web based blogging application that offers several levels of service starting at $4.95 per month.
  • Blogger
    Free, web based blogging app that utilizes a variety of templates to automatically generate html web pages on their server or yours.


  • folkd.com
    folkd.com is a social web service that is completely integrated within your browser and provides free access to various contents and functions always related to the pages you are actually surfing.
  • Blue Dot
    Web 2.0 site that combines features of social bookmarking and social networking.
  • Wink
    Bookmarking service that allows users to tag pages and create collections that they can then share with others.
  • TagTooga.com
    Open source link wiki that allows anyone to add or edit content.
  • Supr.c.ilio.us
    Save and tag bookmarks to items on other social sites that use tagging.
  • Blabb.com
    Social bookmarking site that uses AJAX to allow users to preview websites and RSS content without departing the viewed page.
  • StumbleUpon
    Browser based toolbar extension that allows users to connect share and rate bookmarks.
  • Listible
    Social bookmarking site that uses tags to generate lists of relevant items.
  • LiveLocker
    Social bookmarking and rating site geared towards rich media.


  • Picasa Web Albums
    Google’s entry into the online social photo sharing space.
  • Tabblo
    Social photo sharing application that allows users to stitch photos together to create stories.
  • Bubblesnaps
    Image sharing website that allows you to add call outs to pictures and then share them with others.
  • Slide
    Extracts images from RSS feeds and allows users to share results via RSS and embeddable flash players.
  • Riya
    Free image hosting and sharing service that incorporates mapping and facial recognition technology to help users locate relevant photos.
  • Amiglia
    Photo sharing with tools designed to connect families and create family trees.
  • Zooomr
    A social photo sharing site in the vein of Flickr. Has some nifty features not found on Flickr, like audio commenting and mapping features.
  • BubbleShare
    Social photo sharing website that features photo zoom, audio captions, blog integration and photocasting capabilities.


  • folkd.com
    folkd.com is a social web service that is completely integrated within your browser and provides free access to various contents and functions always related to the pages you are actually surfing.
  • dabble
    Search for, collect and organize vides from all over the web, including sites like Google Video, YouTube and Blip.tv.
  • imeem!
    Social network that combines instant messaging and multimedia.
  • MySpace Videos
    The 900lb. gorilla of social media introduces a fast growing video sharing site.
  • blip.tv
    Social video sharing site that offers free storage and RSS feeds to support video podcasts.
  • vSocial
    Video sharing community.
    Web based, multimedia publishing service that allows users to easily insert a communication module into almost any web page.
  • Eyespot
    Host, edit and share videos on this video site that allows users to create personal video blogs or contirbute to a group.
  • Google Video
    Free video hosting and distribution from this Web 2.0 giant.
  • Video Bomb
    Video sharing site that allows users to submit videos, comment and “bomb” videos that they like.
  • Last.fm
    Social music sharing site that allows users to create online radio stations.
  • YouTube
    Social video sharing site that offers free hosting of videos. Displays videos and makes them sharable via an embeddable flash player.
  • MSN & Windows Live Messenger Status Image Generator! To generate yourself an image for use in your signature or blog or wherever you like, simply fill out the following fields. Entering a display pic URL is optional & you must enter your username without spaces.
  • Speedtest.net

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